Royal Bermuda YC Anniversary Regatta

Cruising Club of America & Royal Bermuda Yacht Club | Bermuda | Jun 22, 2012 | SRM VII (Swan 601)




In Class

2012 Royal Bermuda Yacht Club (RBYC) Anniversary Regatta. Two races held. The first was a W-L, and the second was an around the harbor point to point race. We had a limited number of our regular crew: Brown, Burton, Madden, Marshall, Peschelt, Pleskus, and Sinks. We added ~8 Locals from Bermuda. The Class breaks were substantial - with boats in our Class rangginf rom a custom HPR 40' to a custom R/P 78. We sailed well in Race 1 (W-L) and were fast upwind. However, all the planing boats sailed well past their ratings on the downwind legs. For the point to point, we purposely held back (e.g did not set a kite on a couple legs) due to limited number of crew experienced with the boat.