SDYC "Hot Rum" Series

San Diego Yacht Club | San Diego | Nov 05-03 Dec, 2022 | Raving Madness (Ranger 33)

1st (out of 132)



In Class

(out of 20)

1st Overall (out of 132) and 1st in Class (out of 20) in the 2022 Edition of the San Diego Yacht Club "Hot Rum" Series. Light breeze (with puffs to moderate pressure) in all three races. Very tough competition with the Erikson 35 ("Wani Racing") in all three races and for the 1st two races with a Moore 24. Race 3 had a favorable ebb tide for the 1st 30 minutes, and the feature of an aircraft carrier leaving the harbor on the last leg in - quite an obstacle. In race 3, we led at all marks of the course. Races 1 and 2 also had two J/105s in the top positions, but race 3 was more favorable small and big boat conditions. Great job by the team. This is our 8th overall win in the SDYC "Hot Rum" Series since 2004 and across four different SRMs. 2005 - J145, 2006 RP 66, 2015 Ranger 33, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Swan 601, 2021 Ranger 33 (Steered by Tyler Sinks) and 2022 Ranger 33.