Lauderdale to Key West Race

Lauderdale Yacht Club | South Florida | Jan 14-15, 2015 | SRM VII (Swan 601)




In Class

Though not a good result, a very fun race. 160 miles from Fort Lauderdale to Key West. Once past Miami, the course is bound by a "string line" of marks and reefs along the right, and the Gulfstream with adverse current of 3-4 knots on the left. At times, the "course" narrows to a few hundred meters. This makes for lots of jibing. Though we sailed well, our boat was a knife at a gun fight. The IRC class was largely composed of sport boats that plane including the HPR 40 "Spookie". It also included the new 90' "Rambler". We did very well all the way to Miami and a bit south - when the wind was not higher than 12 knots. We had all the sport boats insight - or behind us. Once the breeze picked up, however they took off on a plane. We also managed to catch several crab pots along the way, including one where we had to take down sails to get it off the keel Still, a race we'll in in future years.