Newport to Ensenada

Newport Ocean Sailing Association | SoCal | Apr 23, 2021 | SRM VII (Swan 601)

DNCth (out of 150)



In Class

(out of 9)

Good news and very bad news. The good news is it was shaping up to be a much faster race than forecast – by about 7pm we were off San Diego (70+ miles down the course after starting at 1pm), and we were 1st or 2nd on elapsed time (how far down the course you are), and probably 2nd on corrected – there was one boat very close to us or slightly ahead of us to whom we “owed” time based on rating formulas. The bad news is me and another crew member started getting emails asking “why did you not compete?” as the results web site listed us as “DNC” (Did Not Compete). I checked the web site to verify that was true and was very puzzled as we had entered the race and paid the entry fee, checked-in properly with the check-in boat pre-race, and started properly. It turns out that what we did not do – the very bad news – was pick up a “yellow brick” tracker – basically a device that broadcasts your GPS position that you mount on deck while racing. It was a requirement in the Sailing Instructions (rules for the race). No one’s fault but by own. There are some rules where there are grounds for appeal / redress with the Race Committee. Likely not this one. We could have argued we have AIS on board (a system which constantly broadcasts your position), but that would not technically meet the rule. First time for an unforced, technical blunder. It definitely will not happen again