Rhody Regatta - Newport Cup (IYAC Around the Island Race)

International Yacht & Athletic Club | Newport, RI | Aug 11, 2018 | SRM VIII (C&C 30OD) (C&C 30 OD)

7th (out of 9)



In Class

(out of 9)

Good old fashioned and long deserved ass-kicking in this race on Narragansett Bay in light to medium conditions. Coming off a nice series of wins on the C&C 30 OD, we were not at our best. Didn't have a key sail on board, had some new (and talented) crew but no practice, bad start (flushed out at the pin) and to top it all off, we were dragging weed and plastic around the saildrive for most / all of the second half of the race. Lessons learned. Still while frustrating, a fun day in Newport, RI