SDYC "Hot Rum" Series

San Diego Yacht Club | San Diego | Nov 07, 2015 | Raving Madness (Ranger 33)

1st (out of 135)



In Class

(out of 35)

1st Overall out of 135 boats and 1st in Class 5. Debut event for the fully restored 1976 Ranger 33 "Raving Madness". Moderate to breezy conditions over the 11.9 mile course. We were helped by an ebbing tide at the start on the way out and a slack tide on the way in. Tough competition with the Ericson 35s. The Ranger 33 is a handful fetching and reaching in a breeze. Angled, unbalanced spade rudder requires two hands and two braced feet to steer. Still - fun factor is very high!