SDYC One Design Weekend

Newport Harbor Yacht Club & San Diego Yacht Club | San Diego | Nov 11, 2023 | Etchells (Etchells)

1st (out of 11)



In Class

(out of 11)

Nov 11: 1st in class after three races - 1-1-1. Great team / crew with Ben Mitchell and Patrick Powell. Oct 21: 2nd in class after one day of racing across four races. 1st time stepping onto / sailing an Etchells. Great teamwork, support and guidance from Chris Busch and Patrick Powell. Individual race scores were 1-6-3-2. Race 2 (the 6th place) was self-inflicted - wrong side of the course, and race 4 should have been a second, but we lost out with one mistake in a downwind match race to the finish. Some good close -up racing. We did not race on day two (races 5 and 6) due to schedule conflicts.