Long Point Race Week

Balboa Yacht Club | SoCal | Aug 24-26, 2018 | SRM VII (Swan 601)

3rd (out of 7)



In Class

(out of 7)

3rd in Class in this annual, fun event which is composed of three days of point to point racing. Friday's race from Newport Beach to Long Point (Catalina Island) started with a southerly, so headed out on port tack toward Long Beach to catch the sea breeze (righty). Overstood Long Point by about five minutes by the time we tacked. Continually lifted toward Long Point with breeze going as far right as 290. Saturday's race from Long Point to Ship Rock and back started out light with a building sea breeze. Excellent weather beat to Ship Rock - among the first three boats to round. Played the shifts well and sailed fast. Major error on the first jibe post rounding Ship Rock with a sheet caught under the bow spirt. New sheet needed to be pulled in quicker. Had us caught on port heading toward shore in very light air losing about 4-5 minutes to get back to the breeze. Best to jibe right away onto starboard heading offshore for more breeze. Stayed mostly offshore for the first 2/3 of the return run. Breeze filled in along shore as we approached Long Point making it safe to head toward shore. Sunday's return race from Long Point to Newport Beach was a light to moderate sea breeze - which - as usual - became very lifted and light as we got close to the finish in Newport. Note: started each of Friday's and Saturday's race with a Mast Head jib (MHJ) only - lost maneuverability. That coupled with a poorly timed start in Friday's race led to a poor start. Saturday was improved, but would have been better with a proper jib up with the MHJ furled (unfurl once racing). Sunday start with a jib - best start of the series. Excellent hike (and back) to the peak above Moonstonr (1312') on Saturday mornning. Buffalo mid-trail on the way down. Gave him wide berth.