New York Yacht Club Race Week

New York Yacht Club | Newport, RI | Jul 13-16, 2022 | SRM IX (Carkeek 47)




In Class

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2nd in ORC Class C. Tight competition among "The Edge" and "Interlodge" for the top three positions with "Irie" and "Pterodactyl" showing strong moments. We had a good chance to take 1st were it not for Friday's Around-the-Island race when we were called over early - two minutes after the start, taking 2.5 minutes to get back to the line. We clawed our way back to finish ahead of all but one boat in our class and resulting in a 4th in class for that race. Given the time costs (~4.5 minutes) of the OCS and ending corrected times on scores, we could have won. We had another poor start in Thursday's race - getting caught in a near collision with "Interlodge" - though we were on starboard, and they were on port, we took no chances. We started out strong with the first three races on Wednesday in light air, chop outside - and some crew new to their roles. As we got more and more used to the boat, we ended up strong with a 2-1-1 for the final three races on Saturday which were inside (in the bay)